Deadbolt Installation

Improve Your Home Security With Deadbolt Installation in Vista

About two-thirds of all burglaries involve forcible entry, according to the FBI’s 2012 statistics. The door to your home or business is the first line of defense against unwanted entry. Standard locks can easily be pried open because they use a spring mechanism. A deadbolt is much more difficult for burglars to pry open. Talk to the experts at Vista Lock & Safe Co. in Vista about deadbolt installation to improve the security of your property.

The locking mechanism in a deadbolt can only be opened with a key from the outside. A knob or another key can unlock the deadbolt from inside, depending on your preference. Newer technology is available for coded deadbolts that operate electronically, which makes them easier to open if the user has mobility problems.

The Protective Benefits They Offer

Security deadbolt installation provides many advantages when installed on the door at a business or home. A deadbolt lock:
  • Secures with hardened steel, which is difficult to break.
  • Resists being jimmied or pried open because the lock reaches into the door frame. 
  • Acts as a theft deterrent because it takes longer to break into a building.
  • Helps you get a discount on your insurance.
deadbolt safety system
Even though a deadbolt provides more safety to your home, it’s only as strong as the door to which it is attached. Talk to the installer to make sure you are getting maximum protection out of your new locks.

Increasing Commercial and Residential Safety in the San Marcos and Carlsbad Areas

Make your appointment with Vista Lock & Safe Co. for better security in Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos by calling 760-76-0310. Have a professional locksmith install the best line of defense to your commercial, residential or industrial property to keep intruders out.

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