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Updating the Locks on Your Newly Purchased Home

Testing Newly Installed Door Lock
When you buy a new home, making sure it's secure should be a high priority. When you close on the house, the bank will turn over the keys to the property, but there is no way to know if all the keys are there. You should confirm that you are the only one with keys to the home and that the property is secure.
Secure the Doors with New Locks
The first thing you need to do is have new locks installed in all the entry doors. If the doors do not have deadbolts, now is the time to add them. Because you cannot be sure that you possess all of the existing keys, the best thing to do is start fresh on every lock on the property. Working with a locksmith to change all the locks will ensure that the house is secure.
Entry Locks
Entry locks are those locks that secure your front and back doors and any door that leads directly into the home. The locks can be keyed alike for these doors, but keep in mind that means anyone with a key can then open all the entry doors on the house.
But if the locks don't use the same keys, someone with a key will have to try every door to find the one it will open. When someone that does not belong there is poking around, a neighbor may be able to see them and notify the police. 
Sliding Doors
If you have a sliding glass door on your home, the lock that secures it may or may not have a keyed locked on it. If the door does have a lock, getting a locksmith to change the cylinder is a good idea.
Another good idea is installing a door bar in the track that prevents the door from sliding in the frame. Often people use a piece of wood or pipe and lay it in the track, but a door bar is designed to lock into place and is much harder to jar loose than the old broom handle in the track.
Secure the Garage Door
The garage is often a good way to get into the house. If your garage is attached to the home, you likely have a door that goes from the garage into the house. This door is an entry door, and it needs to be as secure as any other door in the house.
The garage door is secure if you have an automatic door opener on it, but don't let that lull you into feeling secure enough not to lock the door from the house to the garage. If you leave the house, lock that door as well, and if you do not have a garage door opener on the garage door, be sure to use the sliding lock on the door to secure the garage when you are home. 
Secure the Windows
Most homes have locks on the windows, but rarely do they have keys on them. Check all the windows in the house and add locks to any window that doesn't have one on it. Adding new locks is not enough; you need to use them when you are not home or at night.
If you like to sleep with an open window in your room, talk to your locksmith about security locks that will allow the window to be partially open and still be locked.
At Vista Lock & Safe Co., we can assist you in changing all the locks on your home and making it the haven that you want it to be. From entry locks to more advanced electronic systems, our locksmiths have the experience to ensure your home is safe. Stop and see us today to discuss what we can do to help you.