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How to Upgrade Your Home Security in Minutes

Opened Door To Living Room
A safe and secure home is valuable, and your actions play a direct role in just how safe the home is. A few small changes can turn your home into one that people won't want to mess with.
These changes are common-sense moves, but many people don't make them because of a false sense of security. As safe as Vista and San Diego County are, you really should take the time to complete these actions. When it comes to home security, you are definitely better safe than sorry.
Add Interior Locks
Because locks can be bypassed (due to someone picking them or destroying the exterior portion of the lock), you want to have some hidden locks on the interior side of the door. These can be simple chain locks, although those are easy to kick in, or a keyless deadbolt, which is a deadbolt where you have only the lever side of the lock and the bolt itself.
These allow you to lock the door from the inside, out of reach of anyone on the other side of the door. They're usable only when someone is home, but they still add security when you are unable to come to the door.
Use All Your Locks
Those locks aren't there just for show. All the locks, from the deadbolt on the front door to the pin locks on the windows have a purpose.
A sizable percentage of burglaries happen when someone enters through an unlocked door or window; for example, in December 2017, residents in Isla Vista were burglarized over one weekend, and all 25 of the crimes happened because someone was able to get in through an unlocked door or window.
In San Diego County, the San Diego Association of Governments noted that an "alarming number of unforced burglaries through unlocked windows and doors" occurred in 2017. The county, and especially North County, may be among the safer metro areas in the country, but crime still happens.
Rekey or Replace Old Locks and Codes
Got any old locks on your mid-century house? Replace them. Get strong deadbolts and working doorknob locks on each door that leads outside and on the door between the house and the garage. Do the same for the window locks.
If you have an electronic lock and people have moved in and out since you last changed the code, change it again. Give everything a fresh start so that no one can come back and bust into your house.
Add Pin or Thumb Locks to Sliding Glass Doors and Windows
Pin locks are small bars attached to your sliding glass door track with a chain; you stick the bar inside a hole, preventing the door from sliding even when the main lock is not locked. Thumb locks are those small metal locks you place in a window track that have the round level you turn to tighten the lock.
Use them on all your sliding glass doors and windows. Again, this is an extra layer of security that will help protect you if you forget to lock the main locks.
Use these locks upstairs too; people can climb up nearby trellises and trees and even snag ladders left in side yards to reach the second story of your home. It sounds like too much trouble at first, but if someone thinks they can get several thousand in jewelry or electronics by getting in through a second-story window, they'll do it.
Want help getting all your locks into shape? Contact Vista Lock & Safe Co. Keep your home safe so you can continue to enjoy life in North County without worrying about security.