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Choosing the Right Home Security System for Your Needs

House Front Door
You have a lock on your front door, possibly even a deadbolt. You may have been considering installing a security system because you want to keep your family and your possessions safe. If you've started looking into home security systems, then you may have discovered there's a wide variety of options.
This guide lists some tips that will help you choose a security system that meets your needs.
Connection Option
Home security systems are either hardwired or wireless. Within the wireless realm, you can also choose between cellular and broadband.
Wired security systems run through your landline. While slower than wireless systems, hardwired systems tend to be more cost-effective. In addition, because they're hardwired rather than dependent on internet access or cellular service, wired systems are more reliable and work even when the power is out.
Cellular systems also work through the phone system- in this case, cell phones. The signals are directed to a cellular tower. You do need a backup battery for these systems in case of power outage, but cellular systems are faster than hardwired systems.
As the name suggests, broadband systems work by connecting via the internet. Broadband systems cost about the same as cellular systems. Like cellular systems, broadband systems are faster than wired systems.
Burglar Alarms
Burglar alarms and home security systems are not synonymous. In fact, home security systems incorporate the traditional burglar alarm. With traditional burglar alarms, when an intruder triggers a door or window sensor, the system alerts the police or a security officer.
Home security systems take it a step farther. You can choose models with heat detectors, which warns you when there's a sudden rise in heat, indicating a fire. Some models offer carbon monoxide detectors. Other systems offer temperature sensors, which can detect cold conditions that might lead to pipes freezing. Another feature is a water sensor. Water sensors warn you about flooding.
Monitoring Type
Home security systems also come with two types of monitoring, self-monitoring and professional, or central, monitoring. With self-monitoring, you typically install an app onto your phone or access a website via your computer. You'll get an alert about something in your home, whether it's an intruder or increase in temperature. You decide the next move.
With professional monitoring, you pay for a monthly service. The security company monitors the action in your house. The professional decides whether to contact the authorities. Typically, the professionals have some sort of safeguard, such as calling you to see if you accidentally set off the alarm. If they don't hear from you, then the relevant authorities get dispatched.
Video Surveillance Systems
Another component you'll have to consider is the incorporation of video surveillance. Security cameras aren't a necessity with home security systems, but they are an option to consider. You can choose indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or both.
Indoor video surveillance systems offer you peace of mind. Through your smartphone or computer, you can access the camera's feed. This allows you to check on pets. You can also see what is happening if one of the alarms gets set off.
With outdoor video surveillance, you get similar benefits. This external surveillance affords you another view if an intruder alarm gets triggered. You can also set the system up so it records what happens, say in the case of vandalism or theft. Exterior cameras can monitor your porch or your entire property.
The system you choose depends largely on your habits. For example, if you have regular habits, then you may not need as involved a system as someone who travels for work. That said, complex systems might make more sense for a remote property instead of one with close neighbors.
Our security experts at Vista Lock & Safe Co can help you find the right security system for your home. Give us a call today to learn more.